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Photo repair and restoration

Don’t let your photos fade away forever. Give your old family photos or favourites a new lease of life now and for the future with digital restoration.

Fix My Photo offers a total restoration service, from scanning and digitising the original image to full restoration. Restoration can be anything from basic colour enhancement or removal of dust and scratches, through to complete repair of badly damaged photos.

If you think your photo is beyond repair, try us anyway. A quote is free and you will likely end up being pleasantly surprised at what we can fix, even with the worst damage. You can send a photo of your image to us via email or by phone for a free evaluation.

We repair:

  • Fading and Discolouration
  • Scratches, Tears and Creases
  • Water and Mould Damage
  • Silvering
  • Defaced Photos
  • Stuck glass, glue, and cellotape damage etc

We work on the digital scan of your image, not your original photo.

We can provide your restored photos in a number of formats to keep and print including TIFF, PNG, JPG and PDF. You will also receive copies of your digital files on media including USB stick/Pen Drive or CD if requested.

Image retouching and editing

Retouching can improve the appearance of photos by improving skin texture, face, body or clothing shape, lighting, whitening and lightening eyes and teeth, changing backgrounds or removing/adding people or objects in your image. Retouching should show some restraint. Without some care images can end up looking ‘painted’. We provide high quality image retouching and editing that maintains the uniqueness of your image.

Examples of instances you may require retouching include:

  • Photo for advertising materials
  • Magazines
  • Wedding photos
  • Improvements or changes (such as changing backgrounds) to your favourite images
  • Fine photography enhancements

Photo editing covers a broad range of improvements. Lighting, exposure, colour adjustments, cropping and reframing. Editing can also include areas covered in retouching – such as removing or adding elements to a photo eg: removing your ex from your favourite family image or adding someone in.

Recolouring, Scanning and more...

Colouring or Recolouring
If you have a photo that has lost its colour due to sun exposure or other factors, or a black and white photo you’d like to see in full color, Fix My Photo can help. We can take your faded, discoloured or black and white photos and give them a full colour makeover. Full colour photo restoration can be as simple as adjusting some of the colour levels manually to bring back the correct balance. Other photos may require a complete ‘paint’ job to bring them to life. Show us your photo and we’ll tell you what we can do!

We can provide high quality scanning of photos, negatives and slides, plus other documents or artworks. Never worry about losing your photos again when you have digital copies which will never fade or degrade.

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