Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do photos deteriorate over time?
As time passes, photos are spoiled by light, pollutants and moisture. If left long enough in most environments photos will become faded, discoloured and damaged – sometimes beyond the point of repair. If you have a photo print you want to save and share forever it’s best to have it digitally restored before you lose those important details for good.
2Can you restore any photo?
In most cases, yes! You will be amazed at how great an old photo can look once it has been restored. Cracked, scratched, faded and torn photos can generally be fixed to their original state and sometimes improved beyond the original. In the case of images with heavy damage to faces and important details we will need to view the photo to give an indication of expected results.
3What if it's stuck to the album or glass?
No problem. Often photos will become stuck to the glass frame with exposure to moisture. We can scan and repair the photo directly through the glass without having to remove and damage your photo any further.
4What happens to my original photo?
We always take the utmost care with your originals no matter the condition. Original photos can hold sentimental value. Photos will be returned in the condition they were delivered, along with the newly restored versions.
5What results can I expect?
Depending on the severity of the damage to your photo you can expect a dramatic improvement. Once you have a restored digital copy of your photo, you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious photographic memories again. For photos requiring editing or retouching, results are only limited by your imagination.
6Can you provide prints of my restored photos?
Yes! Your photos will be provided to you as digital files (TIFF, PNG, JPG) so you can print new copies of your photos at any size you wish. We can also deliver your photos as beautiful physical prints at your desired size along with your digital photos. Once you have a digital copy of your restored photo – your photos can be reprinted over and over. Your old photos will always be new!
7What if my photo is very small?
We have enlarged photos that were originally the size of a postage stamp to small poster size without loss of detail. In fact, very small photos that were originally printed from film can be enlarged to spectacular sizes revealing details you might not even have known were there. This depends on the quality of the print you provide and the detail in the original photo. Obviously details that don’t exist in overexposed photos cannot be retrieved. Digital photos can only be enlarged to the size of the original dimensions – further enlargement may cause loss of details or a ‘pixelated’ look. This can be minimised to a degree.
8How much does it cost to fix my photo?
This depends on the severity of damage or the change you would like to make to your photo. Please see the price guide which gives an indication of cost.
9How do I send my photo?
When possible your results will be much better if you can provide the physical photo for us to scan. You can deliver the photo to us personally or we can collect if you are in the greater Tauranga area. Otherwise, take your photo to a photo service business and have them scan your photo. You can send us the scanned image via email, or post to use on CD or USB. If you are happy to post your photo to use to scan, please use a good courier service with tracking to ensure it arrives safely.
10What if I already have the digital file?
Great! You can email us directly.
11Can I scan my own photo?
Yes – but this can limit the result of your restoration. High quality scans are best. If you would like to scan your own image at home please use settings close to the following: Settings for a standard 6x4 image: 600dpi resolution full colour RGB - including black & white photos Max quality JPEG setting available. Your file size should be 5MB+ - please let us know before sending extra large (15MB+) file sizes.
12How do I pay?
You can pay via Paypal with your credit card securely (you do not need to have a paypal account), bank deposit or cash.

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