About Photo Restoration

Restore your photos to their brilliant best!

What is digital photo restoration?

Fix My Photo can restore and improve your damaged photos to their original condition – or even better! We do everything from minor photo fixes like removal of dust and scratches to major restorations, which may include fixing torn or badly discoloured and faded photos.

We have over 18 years of experience repairing photos for happy customers all over the world.

We also offer complete photo retouching and editing services to take your favourite photos to a whole new level!

Most damaged photos can be brought back to life from problems due to sun fading, paint spills, rips, cracks, water damage and whatever else gets thrown at your precious photo memories. Best of all, once you have a restored digital copy of your photos, you can print as many as you like or replace them without worry of loss at any time in the future. You’ll never have to worry about losing your favourite photos to wear and tear again.

We use a scan of your image to work with and return your original in the condition you gave it to us in, along with your newly restored image in digital files AND photo prints if requested. We take great care with your images and look forward to delivering you your photos at their very best.

Are you ready to fix your photo?